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PitBulls are a contraversial dog breed known for the their aggressive demeanor, incredible strength and high pain tolerence. Pitbull must be properly cared for and trained if they are to be kept as pets. PitBulls, which are not properly handled or are trained as attack or fighting dogs, can be extermely dangerous. Due to their dangerous propensities, these animals are not recommended as pets for novice dog owners.

Defenders of Pitbulls contend that the breed is no inherently dangerous than other large-dog breeds.But that pit bulls have acquired thier nasty reputation due to the actions of irresposible owners who train PitBulls agressive and intimidating.The pit bull is amedium dog males weigh 45-85lb (20-38kg) and females generally weigh 30-80lb(14-36kg).

They are short-coated, muscular and exceptionally strong.They are know for confidence and an intelligent temperament.Of the 199 dog-attack fatalities in the USA between 1979 and 1996.Dogs identified as PitBulls were responsible for 60 attacks-just under a thord; followed by Rottweilers,responsible for 25 attacks.In the UnitedStates, PitBulls are the breed of choice for dog fights,due to their strenght courage and dog-aggressive tendencies. Although dog fighting is illegal in the united states The term "game-bred" may be used as a code for a fight dog, but sometimes refers to a dog that is very determined to completed a task-be it arace, weight pull, or unfortunately even a fight.

Pitbull Ringtones are only two which are both Polyphonic and Mono they are Dammit man, Toma.

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Review Date: 04-25-2008 Review By: ramesh Type of Ring Tone : polyphonic Location : india,Indiana
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